Play to Stay

Carlos faces a choice: become an informant for ICE or be deported. In this investigative report for The Intercept, I dive into how Immigration and Customs Enforcement uses undocumented immigrants as snitches to find others. For the first time, the deportation arm of ICE admitted to me they use this tactic. IMMIGRATION AND CUSTOMS Enforcement, likeContinue reading “Play to Stay”

A Culinary Cultural Appropriation

Texas: the land of BBQ, breakfast tacos… and of course Tex-Mex. But what if we told you Tex-Mex wasn’t created by a Texan or Mexican, but a German immigrant? On this episode of Gravy, we tell you the story of William Gebhardt, the inventor of chili powder. Gebhardt loved the chili con carne of the streetfoodContinue reading “A Culinary Cultural Appropriation”